Performance Art Rými, 2023



Rými explores Foucault’s heterotopia and Lefebvre’s rhythmanalysis through performance art. Heterotopias function as discursive spaces of “other” that are transforming, while rhythmanalysis deals with the effects of rhythms on inhabitants of spaces, specifically urban ones. As an audiovisual experience, the space this performance takes place in and the medium through which it is presented are heterotopic, and its structure presents both cyclical and linear rhythms. While it is designed to make use of sight and sound simultaneously, the exploration of this juxtaposition can be surveyed by either aural or visual means. At heart, Rými is a commentary on the analogous nature of three-dimensional perception of the single dimension of time, and its effects on space as a reference for the perceived. Created and Directed by: Jewel Mensah Choreographed and Performed by: JoeChoreo